-Fixed bugs from the last update


-Backwards and Double Door by gertab

-Bubble (from Springtomize 3) by r_idn

-Hella Far by rweichler

-Ads (just kidding)

-New effects

-Fixed crash when creating new formula

-Cube is back to the old (zoomy) way

-Rubik's Cube and Explode effects

-Formulas tab (so you can save your favorite combos)

-Folder background disappearing bug fixed

-Icon alignment fixes


Sexy icon animations

Currently, there are 39 unique effects.

If you take combinations into account, then there are 549,755,813,888 different effects.

And if you consider the fact that you can code your own animations (using Lua!), then there are ∞ effects.

Effect scripts are stored in /Library/Cylinder.